Covid Homoeo Combat


With no immediate suitable vaccine or effective
medicine in sight for fighting the dreaded corona virus the global collective endeavour to control the disease should consider alternative treatments particularly HOMOEOPATHY in this war against covid 19.

Covid Homoeo Combat

We are facing the third serious coronavirus outbreak in less than two decaded after SARS in 2002–2003 and MERS in 2012. Although sufficient time has already elapsed the timely identification of a suitable treatment and the development of an effective vaccine have remained a significant challenge and may still require indefinite time. The global collective endeavour to control the coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19) is in full swing but it should also ponder over alternative therapeutic methods and national health systems should also approve the validity of proven homeopathic treatments in this war against the dreaded coronavirus disease.

Why I have faith in Homoeopathy

From my childhood days I am impressed by the action of the homoeo globules which have the power to miraculously cure any disease should the medicine be selected with proper knowledge and care. As the Covid 19 has raised its ugly head I have always felt that homoeopathy can be of much help to fight the menace. My belief has been reinforced from two personal incidents in my life.

My homoeo experience

My friend had returned home from England on completion of higher studies at a renowned institute. One day during lunch he was eating fish after a long time when a bone got stuck in his throat. He tried all means to remove it but to no avail. His mother and close relations left no stone unturned to give him relief but alas! his uneasiness and pain gradually increased. So much that even neighbours collected for assistance and all agreed to take him to a nearby hospital for removal of the bone from the throat. It caused quite a commotion in the house where I was a tenant. I felt called upon to help my friend in dire need. Knowing the problem I scoured my homoeo collections. Much to my relief I found the needed medicine Silicea. But it was almost exhausted in a 5 ml.bottle. But praying to the almighty I soon poured tubewell water into the container and rushed to my friend. A car had already arrived and everyone was preparing to take him for proper treatment. However, as a last resort they allowed me to use the medicine but everyone’s look was betraying a feeling of total disbelief.
But would you believe that the patient recovered magically within a few minutes dispelling the ill notion about homoeo efficacy.
My knowledge of Homoeopathy is limited but my faith in this alternative medicine was further reinforced after this incident

Why Homoeopathy to fight COVID-19

When there is no vaccine or specific treatment available as of now in Allopathy it is prudent to try other alternative treatments to fight the dreaded virus. Our Ayush dept has already recommended using the homoeo medicine Arsenicum album 30 on empty stomach for three days as a prophylactic medicine. One may take small doses of specified medicines like a vaccine to bolster immunity. Further even if the virus has intruded into the body medicines may be consumed as per the type of symptoms and acting upon the physician’s advice. When everything fails one has no option other than resorting to allopathic treatment but if we can build up sufficient resistance power the virus will definitely not become virulent.


Let me conclude with another incident etched on my memory. My brother and I were sleeping one night many years back in a rented house which was damp and ill ventilated. My uncle, a non professional Homoeopath, was in an adjacent room. In the middle of the night I felt terrible breathlessness while my brother was in a sound sleep. Finding no other alternative I rushed to my uncle who served me the medicine Arsenicum iodatum which cured me within minutes. I had no further problem during the rest of the night or even thereafter.
I firmly believe that those who take homoeo doses beforehand
are either not being affected or even if they develop some symptoms that should not be alarming. Why not give the alternative treatment a scope to boost our immunity and fight the virus in time.


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